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TAF Research Seminar - Prep Class

DateGuestUniversityTitleInviting ProfessorDiscussant
Marlene PlumleeUniversity of UtahSievers
Anne BeyerStanford Graduate School of BusinessSureth-Sloane
01/08/2019Jochen HundsdoerferFreie Universität BerlinMüller
01/08/2019Martin JacobWHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management, VallendarSureth-Sloane
12/11/2018Alastair LawrenceLondon Business SchoolSievers
11/06/2018Edward L. MaydewUNC Kenan-Flagler Business School, North Carolina, USAOrtmann
09/24/2018Michelle HanlonMIT Sloan School of Management, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA Insider Tax Effects on Acquisition Structure and ValueSureth-SloaneReyhaneh Safaei
06/12/2018David GodsellGies College of Business, IllinoisDoes the Threat of Takeover Discipline Managers? New Evidence from the Foreign Investment and National Security Act KosiVanessa Flagmeier
06/12/2018Christie HayneGies College of Business, IllinoisCollaborating with Competitors: Mechanisms That Mitigate Coopetitive Tensions Among Member Firms in Accounting Associations and NetworksKosiMaryna Gulenko
05/08/2018Jianxin (Donny) ZhaoGoizueta Business School Emory University, AtlantaThe Value of Lending to Bellwether Firms by Institutional InvestorsSieversHolger Meyer
05/08/2018Peter FiechterUniversité de NeuchateReal effects in anticipation of mandatory disclosures: Evidence from the European Union’s CSR directiveSieversAlexander Liß
11/21/2017Eva EberhartingerWU ViennaCorporate Governance and Taxation: The Case of Co-operative ComplianceSureth-SloaneReyhaneh Safaei
11/07/2017Edwige CheynelUniversity of California San DiegoEstimating the Marginal Cost of Manipulation EbertCarolin Bußmann
10/17/2017Christian LauxWU ViennaBank Payouts during the Crises of 2007-2008 Kosi Maryna Gulenko
07/11/2017Harm SchüttLudwig-Maximilians-University MunichDo Financial News Outlets Cater to Hererogeneous Readers? MüllerMaryna Gulenko, Fabian Failenschmid
06/13/2017Leslie RobinsonTuck School of Business at DartmouthPublic Tax-Return DisclosureSureth-SloaneThomas Kourouxous
06/13/2017Christof BeuselinckUniversity of LilleFinancial Statement Readability and Tax AggressivenessMüllerVanessa Hennemann
01/10/2017Ulf SchillerUniversity of BaselBank Runs and Accounting for Illiquid Bank AssetsMichael EbertMichael Ebert
12/08/2016Zoltan Novotny-FarkasLancaster UniversityAre Level 3 Fair Values Informative?MüllerVanessa Hennemann
11/15/2016Dirk SchindlerNHH Bergen, NorwayFlexibility in Income Shifting under LossesSureth-SloaneRegina Ortmann, Thomas Hoppe
07/05/2016Wayne LandsmanUniversity of  North Carolina at Chapel HillThe JOBS Act and Information Uncertainty in IPO FirmsSieversOliver Mehring, Holger Meyer
06/21/2016Kathleen AndriesWHU – Otto Beisheim School of ManagementThe Effect of Corporate Taxation on Bank Transparency: Evidence from Loan Loss ProvisionsSureth-SloaneVanessa Hennemann
05/24/2016Jörg-Markus HitzGeorg-August-University GöttingenMandatory IFRS Adoption: Database Coverage and Potential Selection EffectsSieversChristian Sofilkanitsch, Holger Meyer
01/26/2016Jeremy BertomeuBaruch College, City University of New YorkUsing Models and Data to Test TheoryEbertMichael Ebert
10/27/2015Jürgen ErnstbergerUniversity of Technology MunichReviewing a Friend –
The Role of Social Ties in Review Work in Auditing
SieversChristian Sofilkanitsch
10/13/2015Bill ReesUniversity of Edinburgh Business SchoolNonfinancial Disclosure and Analyst Forecast Accuracy: Evidence on Carbon Emission and Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosures in the USMüllerVanessa Hennemann, Fabian Failenschmid
07/07/2015Jack D. StecherCarnegie Mellon UniversityDoes Fair Value Accounting Reduce Prices and Create IlliquidityEbertMichael Ebert
07/07/2015Jannis BischofGoethe University Frankfurt am MainWhy Did the FASB Change Fair Value Accounting Rules during the Crisis? An Analysis of the Political Influence on Standard-SettingOliver Mehring, Holger Meyer
05/19/2015Petro LisowskiUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignPredictable Uncertainty: The Relation between Unrecognized Tax Benefits and Future Income Tax Cash OutflowsSureth-SloaneRegina Ortmann, Bastian Brinkmann
05/19/2015Lillian MillsUniversity of Texas at AustinCan Revenue Authorities Constrain Tax-Induced Income Shifting in a Politically Controlled Economy?Sureth-SloaneStephan Alberternst, Thomas Hoppe
04/21/2015Matthias KöhlerDeutsche BankAn Analysis of Fee and Commission Income at German Savings BanksUhdeDaniel Winkler
01/27/2015Thorsten SellhornLudwig-Maximilians-University MunichFair Value and Corporate InvestmentMüllerVanessa Hennemann, Fabian Failenschmid
12/02/2014Richard C. SansingTuck School of Business at Dartmouth, USATax Loss Carryovers in a Competitive EnvironmentSureth-SloaneRegina Ortmann, Thomas Hoppe
11/18/2014Andreas LöfflerFree University of BerlinACE Tax with Uncertain Cash Flows and a Time Varying Tax RateSchneider

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