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In this study and research unit we do not prescribe final (BA or MSc) dissertation topics. As a student you can suggest your own topic or choose among a range of available themes, even prior to your enrolment. The final topic of your dissertation will be agreed jointly between yourself, your Academic Advisor and the Department.


The Faculty of Business Administration and Economics operates a central web-based registration system to support the allocation of dissertation topics. The process is jointly coordinated by the following Departments: ‘Management’; ‘Taxation, Accounting and Finance’; ‘Business Administration and Economics’, and ‘Business and Human Resources Education’. This is to ensure that supervisory duties are evenly distributed among Departments and that all students receive the best possible support.

Students’ preferences for thematic priorities will of course be considered. Please note that the dissertation registration process is separate from – and must not be confused with – that of the official examination entry. The sole purpose of the dissertation registration process is to allocate topics to students in the four participating Departments. The matching of students with their Academic Advisors usually takes between 4 to 6 weeks, and notification of acceptance is by email.

If there are any questions concerning the application procedure, please write to abschlussarbeiten(at)wiwi.upb(dot)de. The communication only takes place by e-mail. In cases of wrong e-mail-addresses or if you don’t check your messages, possible failure to observe the time-limit are at your expense.

Every student of the University of Paderborn can generally apply for a thesis at the department ‚Economics’. You have to be interested in topics and research fields of the chair and should ideally document this in the previous course of study.

In individual cases please check the modalities for theses in the examination regulations.

For detailed information and the exact closing date for applications look here.


Each student is allocated a personal Academic Advisor for their dissertation. At the start of the semester students can find out more about the organisation and structure of dissertations at an Introduction Session. The date of the event is included in your dissertation acceptance email. Further information and advice on how to write a dissertation can be found in a guidance booklet, which includes a standard dissertation format.

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