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Range of topics

  • Institutional Economics and Economic Policy (Bachelor)
    • Overcoming Cooperation Problems: Reputation Mechanisms
    • Externalities / Environmental Economics
    • Public Goods / Public Good Games
    • Public Choice: Election Procedures and their Characteristics
  • Competition Policy (Bachelor, Master)
    • Economic Aspects of IT Security and Privacy
    • Digital Markets / Big Data
    • Cartels
    • Mergers & Aquisitions
    • Abuse of Market Power
  • Industrial Organization (Bachelor, Master)
    • Bundling
    • Vertically Related Markets
    • Goods of Trust and Experience
  • Networks (Bachelor, Master)
  • Matching (Bachelor, Master)
  • Contests & Innovation (Bachelor, Master)
    • Overbidding / Overspreading
    • Behavioral / Evolutionary Explanations of Contest Behavior
    • Contest Design

Determination of the topic

The topic of the thesis will normally be related to the teaching and research fields of our Chair. You are also welcome to make a proposal for a topic; nevertheless, according to examination regulation you are not entitled to claim a topic of your choice.

Here you can find an overview of all completed theses at the chair of Institutional Economics and Economic Policy.

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