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Contact Navigator: Contact partner for all questions and problems

The contact navigator will assist you in finding the appropriate contact personnel for all issues. When, however, these issue remains unresolved or unclear please contact the study office. Your problem can be dealt with here on an internal level, ensuring the necessary contact partners are contacted. Please inform one party of your concern and do not contact various individuals. This will speed up and ease the processing of your request.

General queries/ unknown contact persons

General queries/ unknown contact personsStudy Office
Final dissertation/ thesis (application)Professor
Final dissertation/ thesis (central allocation)Study Office
Application for excess ECTS (more than 45 ECTS limit)
Study Office
Semester abroadInternational Office
Consultation regarding studies
Study Office
Consultation from a student perspectiveStudent body (during consultation hours)
Enrollment process
Student Secretary
Financing the study processCentral Consultation Office
Equivalence AssessmentStudy Office
Information regarding the study program
Study Office
Questions regarding the content of a module
Contact partner (Modul handbook)
Grade Recognition (Bachelor)Board of Examiners
Grade Recognition (Master)Professors
Registration deadline for module registration
Study Office
Module registrationStudy Office
Module deregistration
Study Office
Module selection process
Study Office
Change of module contextExaminations Secretary Office
Orientation phase (start of study program)Study Office
Examination deregistrationExaminations Secretary Office
Examination Questions (certificate of exception, appeal)Examination board
Examination Regulations (general questions)Study Office
Examination datesStudy Office
Study program change (formalities)Examinations Secretary Office
Study program change (consultations)Central Consultation Office (general)Study Office (for Business Administration and Economics Faculty)
School information dayCentral Consultation Office
Transcript of RecordsStudy Office
Prior module participationPAUL (online), Examination Secretary (personal)
Pre-coursesStudy Office
Visiting StudentsService Center
Examination fear, Motivation problemspsychological-social consultation
Studying with a child/ in need of careFamilienServiceOffice

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