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A successful study time at the Faculty Wiwi

To ensure that your studies run smoothly, we have put together videos depicting important information on study organisation and planning here. Please watch these videos carefully and work your way through the individual chapters.

After watching these videos, you should have no problems planning your semester and starting your study program here within the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics. You will also be informed on all your possibilities here at Paderborn University and be prepared for the challenges associated with a new study program.

Your most important source of information throughout your studies will be our website. In our first video we explain how our website is structured and where you can find which information.


If you still have questions despite a search on our website, the Office for Student Affairs is one of your most important contacts. Here, we provide information on the tasks and issues, for which this office is responsible.

The Office for International Affairs  is your contact point if you would like to go abroad for a semester or are interested in finding out more about internationalisation opportunities available here in Paderborn. This is also a contact point for Erasmus students.

The document depicting the examination regulations is one of the most important documents for you as a student. Here, the legal framework for your study program is defined. That´s why it’s important that you read them.

You can find the examination regulations for each study program here.

In order to control the levels of stress surrounding an examination, we have summarised the most important exam rules from the exam regulations.

Each semester you will be required to choose and register for your modules. It is therefore important to know where you can find information on these modules, and of course to have information on when and how to register or reregister for these modules. All this is part of the semester planning.

Once you have decided which modules you would like to take, you need to register for these in PAUL. PAUL is the assistance system within Paderborn University, and covers all processes of studying.

The video explains how a module registration works in PAUL. You can also read further information here.

If you have failed an exam or have cancelled a module after the revision phase (second registration phase), you are automatically considered a repeater. As a result, the registration process is slightly different for you. How? Take a look here.

This video will explain the process of selecting restricted modules.

On the following page you will find a list of all the restricted modules available for selection each semester. Here you will also find the current participant and waiting lists.


In der Profilierungsphase entscheidest du zu großen Teilen selbst, welche Module du wählst. Um dein Studium bestmöglich auf deine Bedürfnisse abzustimmen, musst du in dieser Phase viele Entscheidungen treffen und einen individuellen Studienplan erstellen. Welche drei Schritte du bei der…

In der Profilierungsphase kannst du erst Module wählen, wenn du die Schwerpunktwahl vorgenommen hast. Wie das geht und was du beachten müsst, erklärt dir dieses Video.

In diesem Video wird die generelle Vorgehensweise zur Anerkennung von Leistungen aus dem Ausland erklärt.

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