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Beginning a master programme at the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics

Program Orientation Week SoSe 20

Dear Master students,

We would like to welcome you to the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics here at the University of Paderborn!

At the beginning of the Master's program, you are offered an orientation phase. This takes place in the week before the official semester start. This is offered jointly by the faculty and student representatives. The upcoming O-Phase takes place from 07.04.2020. 

The schedule for this program will be uploaded here soon. Moreover, you will receive the contact information for persons who can offer you both advice and support throughout your studies.

Students who have enrolled in a Bachelor's program to gather missing ECTS and who are aiming for admission into the Master's program are also welcome to participate in this program.

We have compiled all important information required for a smooth study period on one page! Click here to return to the overview page.


Auf dem Weg in den Master?

Auch Studierende, die sich zum Nachholen von Leistungen in einen Bachelor eingeschrieben haben und die Masterzulassung anstreben, sind herzlich eingeladen!

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