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Orientation phase for the perfect start to your master study program in the upcoming summer semester 2023

We would like to welcome you to the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics! Together with the student representatives, we would like to provide you now, at the beginning of your studies, with the most important information on both study organization and student life. Moreover, we want to provide you with the opportunity to get to know each other.

The orientation day will take place on April 3rd of April, in both the German and English language

Following a short welcome and a general introduction to both study organization and internationalization opportunities, you will then be provided with program-specific information through online meetings with your respective program coordinator. In the subsequent program, organized by the student representatives, you will have the opportunity to get to know your fellow students better, while also receiving more information on your chosen degree program.

Students in the M.Sc. International Economics and Management

Students enrolled under conditions in the Master IEM are invited to enrol themselves in the following Panda course: Click here for the PANDA course for Conditional Master Students.


Montag 3. April 2023

09:00–09:30 Uhr
Deutsch Hörsaal H4                        
Englisch Hörsaal H6

Einführung in die Studienorganisation für Studierende, die neu an der Universität Paderborn sind

09:30–10.30 Uhr
Deutsch Hörsaal H4                        
Englisch Hörsaal H6

Internationalisierungsmöglichkeiten &
Begrüßung durch den Dekan der Fakultät 

10:30–11:30 Uhr                        


Einführung in den Studiengang durch den Studiengangsverantwortlichen

Studierende eines Lehramtsstudiengangs nehmen an der Einführung des PLAZ teil.

ab 12 Uhr

Programm durch die Fachschaften: Gemeinsamer Mensagang, Kennenlerenen, Campusführung, Abendveranstaltung

Mittwoch 5. April 2023

13 Uhr

Wiwi Welcome Day
Auftaktveranstaltung der Reihe "Mittwochs im Q"


Digital Campus tour

In cooperation with the student representatives, we have prepared a digital campus tour. In short videos you will get to know the most important places of the university.

Additional online course

Please note that in addition to the information events, we have created an online course for you that will provide you with the most important information about the organisation of your studies. You may find information about your degree programme, examination regulations, opportunities to study abroad and information for semester planning.

Another first orientation tool is our first-semester guide.

Studying with disabilities

The University of Paderborn is actively committed to supporting students with health impairments, chronic illnesses or disabilities in their studies so that they can participate in higher education on an equal footing and in a self-determined manner. Advice and support is available from the Service Office for Studies with impairment.


Enrolled in the master under conditions?

Students who have enrolled in the master under conditions and need to tather missing ECTS from the Bachelor's program are also welcome to participate in this program! 

Ihr Ansprechpartner

Das Studienbüro steht für Sie als Ansprechpartner im Bereich Studium & Lehre zur Verfügung. Bei Beratungsbedarf zu Ihrem Studium und Studienbeginn, Studienstruktur, Verlaufsplanung oder zur Semesterplanung können Sie gerne die Sprechzeiten wahrnehmen - ein Termin muss nicht vereinbart werden. Sie erreichen uns über unsere Homepage, über Facebook oder Instagram.

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