Central allocation process and application

The successful registration for a thesis is completed via a web-based application procedure in PAUL within the department of Business Administration and Economics. The following departments take part in this process

Why is there a central allocation process?

The aim is to distribute the upcoming theses for a semester evenly among the individual professorships, that is in terms of supervision capacities. At the same time, your preferences are considered throughout the allocation process.


In order to participate in the central allocation process, you are required to fill out the form within the predefined appropriate system within the application phase (see below) and upload the necessary documents in one(!) file. The detailed procedure is explained in the FAQs and the technical notes below.

This system does not replace the official thesis registration. Rather, it initially serves to assign theses to participating departments and professorships. The allocation process takes approximately 1 - 1 ½ months. After that, you will be informed via mail regarding your assigned supervisor.

Application phase

The online application phase for theses will run from January 22 to February 02, 2024 23:59 for the summer semester 24.

On January 22 from 9:00 a.m. the application will start via this link- it is not possible to apply in paper form.


FAQ on organisation

The allocation process is based on your specified priorities regarding the chairs within the various departments. Your documents will be presented through a process of three rounds, beginning with your first priority (round one). Only if you are not assigned a supervisor in the first round, will your documents be considered in the second round.

You must therefore specify at least two chairs with which you would like to write a thesis. The third priority is optional but strongly recommended.

It depends on the chairs to which you are applying for a thesis. Information on the specific requirements can be found only on the internet pages of the respective chairs. Usually, the following documents are required:

• Curriculum vitae
• Transcript of Records
• Internship certificates (if available)
• Letter of motivation (depending on chair)
• Registered courses in the current semester (Screenshot from PAUL is sufficient)

At the time of application in the central allocation procedure, the ECTS points required, as defined in the examination regulations, do not yet have to be accumulated. This ECTS limit only concerns the official registration of the thesis in PAUL, which will be carried out in the following semester (after the allocation process).

Tip: Upload your documents with a screenshot of the currently registered modules from PAUL: This makes your application more informative regarding your current study program status.

You do not need a signed transcript created by the Examination Office to apply for a thesis.

You can also use a screenshot or a web page print of your PAUL service account. Please make sure that this also shows your average grade.

No. Please summarize all documents in one document.

The chairs also know that you are applying for multiple priorities and may need to write different letters of motivation.

Each chair handles the communication of thesis topics differently. Not all of them publish topic proposals or areas for theses on their websites.

If you cannot find any information, you should inform yourself on the content of the teaching or research areas of the chair. In such instances you can also suggest your own research question.

The system is only open to students during the application phase. Registration is not possible before the start of the application phase. Registration is also not possible after the end of the application phase, as the allocation process takes place live in the system. You will be informed by e-mail once the process has been concluded.

If you cannot log in with your IMT data in the current application phase, please read the technical information available first. If the problem remains please contact the Office for Academic Affairs and send a screenshot of the error message received.

You can simultaneously apply via the central application process and also to non-participating chairs. If you do want to accept a supervised position from one of the application procedures, please cancel any other applications as soon as possible. If you have been accepted by a chair during the selection process and no longer require the central application process, please contact the Studienbüro so that your application can be removed and the allocated position can be provided to another student.

Technical Notes

Please log in with your IMT account (= PAUL user name) in the dialog box.

Please fill in all fields in the form.

In the Attachments section, all "additional documents required" must be uploaded in one PDF. This includes:

  • a CV (optional with a passport photo (just scan the photo))
  • a current transcript of grades from PAUL (self-printout of the account is sufficient)
  • a copy of the Bachelor certificate / undergraduate (if available)
  • registered courses in the current semester (Screenshot from PAUL is sufficient)

Some chairs require further information, such as certificates, proof of internships or exposés, for the application (Please read the corresponding guidelines of the chairs before registering). Please note that all documents have to be combined in one PDF file.

Please leave the field assignment free. Finally, click Save. If you forget to save the data , any missed deadlines are at your expense.

After successful sending, the form closes. When you go to the "Apply to Final Theses" list, you'll see your item in the previously empty list.

In the overview you can edit your entry by clicking on your matriculation number.

After making changes, you will receive another confirmation email. After completing the entry of your data, please log out of the system.


  1. Schritt
    Klicken Sie auf "Schließen" und wählen Sie in der Menüleiste des Internet Explorers "Extras" (Zahnradsymbol rechts oben) und anschließend "Einstellungen der Kompatibilitätsansicht".
  2.  Schritt
    Ihnen wird nun vorgeschlagen, die Webseite "uni-paderborn.de" zur Kompatibilitätsansicht hinzuzufügen. Klicken Sie auf "Hinzufügen", um "uni-paderborn.de" einzutragen.
  3. Schritt
    Klicken Sie auf "Schließen", um die Einstellung zu speichern.
  4. Schritt
    Klicken Sie den Link zum Anmeldeformular erneut und melden Sie sich an.


Step 1

step 2

  • Start the program PDF24 Editor.

step 3

  • Drag each file to the right column and move it to the desired order. Then click Save.

step 4

  • settings can usually be left that way. Click on 'Next' and save the document under a new file name, e.g. 'Bewerbung_Name.pdf'.

step 5

  • upload the new PDF to SharePoint and save the changes (diskette top left)




If you have questions about the central application process, please read the FAQs and technical notes first. If there are any uncertainties then, you can contact studium@wiwi.upb.de.

If you have questions about the individual requirements of the chairs, please have a look at their homepages and contact them directly.