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Entry Requirements

The entry requirements for the master's program International Economics and Management (M. Sc.) can be divided into the categories "formal requirements" and "content requirements".

Entry Requirements (formal)

The entry requirements for the master's program International Economics and Management (M. Sc.) can be divided into the categories "formal requirements" and "content requirements". 

The formal entrance requirement is

  • a successfully completed Bachelor's degree in the field of economics from the University of Paderborn
  • a successfully completed Bachelor's degree in the field of economics or an equivalent/comparable degree in a research oriented study program.

 This study program has to be

  • completed with a minimum GPA of 2.5 (or with GPA from 2.5 -3.0, depending on the course of studies in the bachelor program), or
  • the applicant must belong to the best 35% of the graduates of their bachelor's year group. This refers to all examinations within the semester of your graduation and the previous semester or alternatively to the two semesters previous to the semester of your graduation.

From winter term 2015, the master’s program opened its study opportunity  with credit compensation for students who do not satisfy eaither of criteria above.

These students are asked to obtain additional 5 / 10 ETCS (varies upon their final grades) in the field of economics or quantitative methods as a compensation. This compensation can also be altered by the submission of a thesis of the previous degree in the fields of economics / quantitative methods. For international students, the possibility of compensation is automatically checked in the application process.  For more precise information, please read this document.

The students of the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics at the University of Paderborn can also compensate by the following modules offered by the economic department:

  • Mathematik für Wirtschaftswissenschaftler I + II
  • all modules starting with ‘M.184.14__’, ‘M.184.24__’ and ‘M.184.34__’
  • as well as some further modules

For more information about the compensation of students at the University of Paderborn, please visit the webpage of program coordinator

Entry Requirements (with regard to contents)

Degrees will be checked not only with regard to formal aspects but also to the content. Important part of the audit are the methodological prior knowledge (f.e. quantitative methods, mathematics, statistics). Knowledge in the following fields have to be documented:

M. Sc. International Economics and ManagementMinimum Number of ECTS
Economics and Business Administration80 ECTS
- of which Economics20 ECTS
Quantitative Methods incl. Business Informatics40 ECTS
- of which Mathematics10 ECTS
- of which Statistics10 ECTS
Bachelor´s Thesis10 ECTS

 The equivalence will be assessed as part of the application procedure.

Language Proficiency

Applicants are required to prove proficiency in English. The proficiency must be documented in the form of: 

  • a bachelor's degree obtained in an English-speaking country or in an accredited German study program taught in English; or 
  • a language certificate with minimum level TOEFL 87 points (internet-based); or 
  • equivalent proficiency, e.g., Business English Certificate (BEC): BEC Vantage - Level B2, Cambridge First Certificate (Grade A) or IELTS (International English LanguageTesting System) Band 6.5. 

In addition, German proficiency is required. Students do not necessarily need to prove their German proficiency as an entrance condition. However, they must prove a minimum proficiency of level A2 GER before concluding the master program. Required proficiency can be acquired at the University of Paderborn in German courses of 240-hour duration. The courses can be credited in the elective module "General Elective" (Studium Generale).

The verification concerning the fulfilment of the requirements is the task of the Audit Committee. Reaching the minimum limits is not a guarantee of a studying place. The master program may be started either in the winter or summer term.

Further information:

The University for the Information Society