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Bachelor of Science Business Administration and Economics

Attention: You need a German proficiency level of C1 (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) in order to follow the study program!

In general, the primary task of business administration and economics is the analysis of varying economic aspects. Business administration focuses on economic correlations and regularities of individual businesses. Specifically, details regarding operational structures and processes can be derived. Economics differs in this regard as economic correlations and regularities of a society with regard to individually operating entities, as well as the overall economy are analyzed.

The study program at Paderborn University comprises of several sub-disciplines of business administration and economics. Furthermore, this program is coupled with quantitative methods. These such courses comprise of mathematics, statistics and business information systems. Through the use of an efficient study management plan students can easily meet the standard period of study required. The “Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Economics” qualifies students professionally. Those eager to gain further qualification can deepen their knowledge through the completion of a four-semester master’s degree.

One particular prerequisite for the above mentioned study program is a strong interest in economic problems. In return, this program offers an up-to-date insight into the national and international labor market. It is adapted on a constant basis in accordance to the changing needs of the market and due to the variety of options, students can individually tailor their studies. The high concentration of business enterprise in the Paderborn region as well as the advanced technical features and human resource facilities of the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics offer the ideal conditions for your studies.

The education in business administration and economics at Paderborn University aims predominantly at establishing a manner of thinking which covers a cross-disciplinary manner, including interdisciplinary teamwork and multilingual communication skills. All these requirements will serve as significant advantages for the professional lives of our students. The campus at Paderborn University offers great advisory and support services which helps our students to arrange their studies individually. Moreover, our variety of exchange programs provides our students with the opportunity to gain international experience.

Life in the university town of Paderborn is strongly influenced by its many students. The city, as well as the region offer diverse possibilities for leisure activities. There are several cultural, sporting and social events to choose from. We recommend participation in such events, as they will help you to feel at home very quickly!

We hope, this short introduction has sparked your interest and we are looking forward to welcoming you here at Paderborn University.

Your program coordinator

Prof. Dr. André Uhde

Particularities of the B.Sc. Business Administration and Economics in Paderborn

The structure of the study program Business Administration and Economics at Paderborn University ensures that students experience different perspectives within their chosen disciplines and that

these such views can then be combined. This concept is extended into master studies, where students can deepen their knowledge in specific sub-disciplines.

Career prospects

[Translate to English:] Die Berufsfelder nach Abschluss des Bachelorstudiengangs Wirtschaftswissenschaften hängen im Wesentlichen vom durch die Studierenden zu gestaltenden Profil ab, das durch die Wahl von Modulen der verschiedenen Majors bestimmt wird. Da jeder dieser Majors frei mit einem anderen kombiniert werden kann, haben alle Studierenden die Möglichkeit, eine gezielt individuelle Qualifikation zu erhalten. Das spätere Tätigkeitsspektrum umfasst alle Bereiche des unternehmerischen und organisatorischen Handelns - abhängig vom erworbenen individuellen Qualifikationsprofi

1. Transition to the professional world

[Translate to English:] Der Bachelorstudiengang ermöglicht, dank der weitreichenden Spezialisierungsoptionen, eine Fokussierung und inhaltliche sowie methodische Ausrichtung auf den angestrebten Berufsweg. Der Bachelor als berufsqualifizierender Abschluss befähigt die Absolventen direkt ins Berufsleben einzusteigen.

2. Prospects in science

Another possibility, after finishing the bachelor’s degree, is to proceed with one of the master programs offered by Paderborn University. The successful completion of a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Economics not only enables our students to take part in different postgraduate programs worldwide but also allows students to continue with the following master programs, when they fulfil the substantive requirements here at Paderborn University:

You will find more information on admission requirements on the websites of the respective study program.

Beispielstudienpläne für ausgewählte Berufsbilder

Hier finden Sie einige exemplarisch ausgewählte Berufsbilder, die als Orientierung bei der Modulauswahl dienen können. Beachten Sie bitte, dass die Angaben lediglich als Orientierung dienen sollen und die Liste nicht exhaustiv ist.

Module structure

The study program Business Administration and Economics prepares its students for the constantly changing needs of the economy. It provides specialized knowledge, skills and methods as well as key qualifications, which are necessary to deal with these such changes. Students are trained to acquire a scientific manner of working and communicating, to critically assess scientific findings as well as to act responsibly. The standard period of study is six semesters.

The first two semesters of the bachelor’s degree program are referred to as the Assessment Phase. This phase comprises of basic modules in the areas of:

  • Business Administration
  • Economics
  • Mathematics for Economists
  • Statistics
  • Business Information Systems

Furthermore, new students are supervised by our mentors. Through the Peer Mentoring program students receive assistance in organizing their studies and as well as university life in general.

Following on from the Assessment Phase is the four-semester Profiling Phase. During this phase (3rd – 6th Semester), students have a high degree of autonomy in specializing. The division of majors and minors requires efficient and effective self-management skills. Students are given the opportunity to choose electives in the amount of 10 ECTS. The choice of the major as well as the resultant study organization have to fit the students career aspirations and build upon the basis of qualifications acquired during the Profiling Phase. Another important component for the completion of the Profiling Phase is the Bachelor Thesis. While writing their thesis, students learn how to work independently on a problem set within a given timeframe through the application of scientific methods.

Study plan
Study phases

Assessment Phase

The first two semesters of the bachelor’s degree are called the Assessment Phase and comprise of 60 ECTS (60 out of 180 ECTS). During this phase students are supervised within a mentoring program, where they develop their individual study plan. Further information is given here.

Profiling Phase

The Profiling Phase comprises of four semesters according to the standard period of study. Within the Profiling Phase students need to gain 120 ECTS (120 out of 180 ECTS). During this phase, students have a high degree of autonomy in specializing. They can choose modules out of different departments (majors) and set their own focus, regarding their interests. More information on the Profiling Phase can be found here.

Application Information

The enrolment at Paderborn University is centrally organized by the Administration Office. Applicants from Germany or from EU-Member States can apply online via the application portal. All required documents for the enrolment can be found at

Applicants from non-member countries need to contact the International Office..

An overview regarding restricted and unrestricted study programs, as well as the registration periods is given here.

Flyer B.Sc. Wirtschaftswissenschaften

Laden Sie sich hier den Flyer herunter.

program coordinator

Prof. Dr. André Uhde

Betriebswirtschaftslehre, insb. Finanzierung und Investition

André Uhde
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