Master Students

The Basic Business English for Economists aims to provide you with the language skills necessary for the working world including telephoning, email writing, presenting, negotiating, meetings, socializing etc and takes place twice per week. Although the contents to the Basic course are similar to those covered at the Bachelor level, this course assumes students have now more working experience and can focus more consciously on business communication needs.Because the Advanced Course builds on the Basic Course it is not possible to do both at the same time. The advanced course allows students to customize their English learning needs by focusing on topics of particular interest e.g. job applications and interviews. Business English Grammar in Context a short intensive alternative approach to the structure of the English language in business communication situations.

All of the modules assume that German students of management sciences and economics had enough English at school to put them on a B1 Level in terms of active skills (speaking and writing) and around B2 in terms of passive skills (listening and reading). As such it is not necessary to do a preliminary test. All of the courses are designed to be able to deal with different levels within the class (B1 to C1) as the focus is primarily on new vocabulary, which was not dealt with at high school

Compact courses are offered to allow students a short intensive opportunity to improve their English in presenting, acadamic vocabulary and business grammar in context. Please note that these modules are not available each semester.