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Career Profiles

The M.Sc. in International Economics and Management prepares graduates for executive careers in international companies and institutions and functions where they will be expected to prepare and analyze an organization’s strategic position in the global market.

The economic and operational competences acquired during the program enables graduates to work through theoretical and real-life issues and to develop detailed solutions. The ability to analyze challenges in a global economic context empowers international companies, public and private sector institutions, and nongovernmental organizations by providing a sound scientific foundation to their decision-making. Graduates of the M.Sc. program in International Economics and Management develop the key competences required for an international career.

The M.Sc. in International Economics and Management also prepares for a more research-oriented career. Graduates will be equipped with the requisite skills to continue their studies with an internationally acknowledged research degree or Ph.D. program.

Exemplary course schemes for selected career profiles

Students can tailor their study program to suit their interests and choice of career direction. The following show how modules can be built around four suggested careers profiles. Please note that the information should only serve as a guideline and is by no means exhaustive.

  • career profile "Management in Multinational Enterprise"
    • Focus on internationalization and competition in the field of economics
    • Elective modules on management topics
    • Fewer research methodology modules
    • Module selection may include: M.184.4173 Strategic Management
  • career profile "International Organization"
    • Focus on internationalization and research-oriented modules
    • Possible methodological supplement, depending on focus
    • Module selection may include: M.184.4411 International Finance - Currencies and Exchange Rates; M.184.4451 Financial and Time Series Econometrics
  • career profile "Position in NGO"
    • Specialization in the field of economics in modules with main focus on growth, development processes, environmental issues and globalization
    • Strategic and globalization-oriented modules
    • Module selection may include: M.184.4412 Global Growth and Development - Perspectives of Global Regions; M.184.4423 Economic Foundations of Development Theory and Policy
  • career profile "Research-Oriented Career"
    • More research methodology modules
    • Professional specialization in the field of economics
    • Research-oriented modules in the fields of economics and management
    • Module selection may include: M.184.4413 Research and Independent Studies in Economics; M.184.4452 Advanced Methods of Empirical Economic Research

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