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Course of the Studies

Course Elements

The Master of Science in International Economics and Management is a 4 semester program. The academic year begins in the winter semester nevertheless a beginning in summer term is possible, too. There are three modules of 10 ECTS credits (ECTS = European Credit Transfer System, 1 ECTS credit is equivalent to around 30 working hours) to be completed in each semester. Therefore, a total of 120 ECTS credits is needed to complete the program.

These 120 ECTS credits in the study course International Economics and Management can be collected flexibly. The total number of ECTS includes:

  • 20 ECTS Mandatory Modules 
    • M.184.4441 Methods of Economic Analysis (10 ECTS) 
    • M.184.4479 Econometrics (10 ECTS) 
  • 80 ECTS Elective Modules 
    • Economics Elective (40 ECTS) 
    • Management Elective (20 ECTS) 
    • General Elective (20 ECTS) 
  • 20 ECTS Master Thesis

This combination enables students to establish a managerial as well as an economic focus. Due to an appropriate selection of the modules, the fields "Economics" and "Management" can be integrated equally into the study plan (see figure on the right).

The mandatory modules serve to create basic skills and to fulfill fundamental requirements. The method modules "Methods of Economic Analysis" and "Econometrics" provide basic methodological competences including mathematical abilities as well as empirical and econometrical methods. 

The elective modules and the master thesis contribute to the student´s profile building. According to their focus, electives must come either from the field "Economics" or "Management". The 20 credits for the "General-Elective" modules can be freely chosen. The module catalogue shows the available modules. Please choose the study program and the academic year. Detailed information about the modules can be found at the University´s website using the corresponding module number.

Study Plan (exemplary)

The study plan is a recommendation for the progression of the master's program. In addition to the following time sequence also other structures within the four-semester study course are possible. This depends on the individual content-related setting of priorities.

The examination regulations provide comprehensive information and contain all legal regulations with respect to examination. An English version is available upon request.

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