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Auf dieser Seite haben wir Ihnen nützliche Links und Informationen rund um das ASBE-Programm zusammengestellt. Anhand von Erfahrungsberichten, Interviews und abgeschlossenen Projektarbeiten können Sie einen guten Eindruck des ASBE-Prgramms gewinnen.

Länder- und Reiseinformationen

Hier finden Sie Links, die bei der Vorbereitung Ihres Auslandsaufenthaltes hilfreich sein kön


Themen von abgeschlossenen Projektarbeiten

Unten finden Sie eine Übersicht der abgeschlossenen Projektarbeiten nach Ländern sortiert.

2017/2018Social Entrepreneurship in China
2017/2018Challenges for Vocational Schools in Germany and China - Is the Concept of "Bündelschulen" also a Feasible Solution for Chinese Vocational Schools?
2017/2018A Risk Analysis of China's Financial System
2017/2018Does Culture Matter? How Cultural Differences between Asian and Non-Asian Hotel Guests Affect their Online Reviewing Behaviour
2017/2018Does Priming affect Performance? - An experimental approach
2017/2018International marketing with focus on China: Developing a successful Marketing Mic for Western companies operating in China
2017/2018Literature Review of International Management Concept/Theories used in the Chinese Context
2017/2018Retention Management in China - How is it implemented and which challenges does it face compared to Western countries?
2016/2017Corruption in China - Curse or blessing for German enterprises?  
2016/2017The development and the possibilities of professional football in China from an economic point of view
2016/2017Voice behaviour of Chinese Employees 
2016/2017Chinese as foreign language - Factors influencing the learning process
2016/2017Guanxi and Corruption - Analysis of the corruption scandal GlaxoSmithKline plc. using the principal-agent approach
2016/2017Entrepreneurship in China - An overview of the conditions in the emerging private sector
2016/2017China's Growth has its Price: Problems and Challenges after the Financial Integration 
2016/2017Workaholism and Work Engagement - A Comparison between China and Germany 
2016/2017Talent Management in China and Germany
2015/2016Aspects of diversity and diversity management in a multi-national-context
2015/2016The Hukou System: "An Impediment to inclusive growth in the People's Republic of China?"
2015/2016The study process questionnaire in relation to the Chinese Learner
2015/2016Shanghai vs. Hong Kong / Which City will have the Competitive Advantage and develop to be the Major Economic Centre in China?
2015/2016Corruption in China: Does Culture play a Role?
2015/2016Optimized Academic Learning Space:Features and Design Approaches (An Evaluation Study in Tongji University, Shanghai)
2015/2016 Accounting in China: Historical Development and Current Status
2015/2016Two-sided markets: A qualitative analysis whether the China operating system can be defined as a two-sided market.
2015/2016Chinese Consumers’ Perception of Domestic Automotive Brands Using the Example of Geely
2015/2016An empirical analysis using the Chinese brand Lenovo
2015/2016The influence of country of origin knowledge on consumers’ brand perception - An empirical analysis using the Chinese brand Lenovo
2014/2015A closer look at Chinese working women
2014/2015Intellectual Property Infringement in China. Implications of Piracy and Counterfeiting and its Contribution to Development
2014/2015Arthur Lewis's Growth Model and China's Industrial Development
2014/2015The influence of institutional quality on international acquisition performance with a focus on China
2014/2015The Chinese Banking System - An approach to measure the fragitlity of the Chinese Banking System
2014/2015Organization and Development of Study Programs - A Case Study of the Chinese Higher Education Systems
2014/2015Challenges and Problems in the Implementation Process of the German Dual System of Vocational Education and Training in China to Overcome the Worker Skilled Shortage
2014/2015Mobility in Beijing compared to Berlin: How is electric mobility performing in local business models? - Comparing to established alternatives? - Actual situation and forecast.
2014/2015Strategic and financial analysis of China Souther Airlines - Particularities of the Chinese civil aviation sector
2017/2018Comparison of blockchain technology acceptance between Germany and South Korea
2017/2018"Mittelstand" and "Jaebeol" - Impact on Innovation
2017/2018The Korean Innovation Model - Is Korea able to take the leader position in eco-innovation? 
2016/2017Korean Women in Leadership Positions
2016/2017South Korea - Economic Wonderland: Chaebol as Support or Obstacle for the Korean Success
2016/2017How Gendered Wording and Pictures in Job Advertisements Influence Student's Interest in a Vacant Position - A Study in South Korea
2016/2017The Influence of Individualism versus Collectivism on Entrepreneurship and its Effect on Economic Growth
2015/2016Job recruiting procedures across cultures
2015/2016Occupational gender segregation in Korean labor market
2015/2016Employer branding as a recruiting measure and generation
of employee attraction?
A cross-national comparison of Germany and South Korea
2015/2016International Competitiveness due to economic policies? An inside look at the paragon South Korea
2015/2016Civic Engagement in Higher Education: Theory and Practices in South Korea
2015/2016Business- and Human Resource Education & Higher Education
2014/2015The historical development and current importance of the Chaebol industry for the South Korean economy
2014/2015Securing access to key energy and mineral resources - A South Korean perspective on the global challenge
2014/2015Stereotypes and their impact in job advertisements: The Case of South Korea
2014/2015Blowing the Whistle in South Korea - How Asian Values influence Whistleblowing
2017/2018The Japanese Labor Market -Implications on marriage decisions and the employment of women
2017/2018The Seismic Hazard - The Impact on the Japanese Real Estate Market
2017/2018The impact of Computerization in Japan: Does Digitization and Automation transpire differently due to cultural issues? 
2017/2018Is an eased immigration policy a chance to encounter the economic consequences of the aging population in Japan?
2017/2018Labor Market Dualism in Japan
2017/2018Cultural Impact in the Sharing Economy - A Empirical Cross-Cultural Study 
2016/2017Japanese Women in Management and the prospects for gender equality in Japanese companies
2016/2017Karōshi (過労死)  Death through Overwork in Japan
Reasons from Japanese Production Management and Labor Market
2016/2017The Great East Japan Earthquake - Economic impacts on Japan
2016/2017Can suitable Disaster Management pose an Opportunity for Economic Growth in the Construction industry? Miyagi and the Tohoku Earthquake - A Look beyond the Damages
2016/2017Abenomics - A gamble for a brighter future of Japan?
2016/2017The influence of institutional relationships, financial systems, and banking systems on economic stability in the United States and Japan in the face of economic crises
How Important Is Population Ageing For The Promotion Of Robotics: The Case Of Japan
2015/2016The Influence of Egalitarianism on International Joint Venture
2015/2016Job recruiting procedures across cultures
2015/2016The lost decades of Japan - A structural phenomenon of developed countries?
2015/2016Corruption in Japan with focus on the Yakuza: How enrooted is corruption in Japan and to what extent does the crime organization contribute?
2015/2016Japanese debt – International comparison and sustainable development
2015/2016Economic Transformation and Cultural Change – the Case of Japan
2015/2016Workaholism and Work Engagement in
2015/2016Competitive Strategies in Oligopolistic Markets
A Study of the Japanese Automotive Industry
2015/2016How do we interpret random biased effected results? An experimental study at the University of Oita in Japan
2015/2016Implications of Supply Chain Management in Keiretsu for German Enterprises
2014/2015Abenomics: a possible way to overcome the Japanese Stagnation
2014/2015The influences of demographic change on the Japanese economy
2014/2015Women in the Japanese Labor Market
2014/2015The acceptance and use of robots in service situations in Japan
2014/2015Modeling Stock Returns of Several Japanese Companies Using the Semi-APARCH Model
2014/2015Influences of Cultural Response Patterns on Cross-National Research with Reference to Japan

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