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Coronavirus: Current information

Unfortunately, due to the corona situation, studying currently comes along with some limitations. In this difficult situation, we will try to deal with the Corona situation in the best possible way.

Students should make sure that they follow the given security measures and should regularly inform themselves about the current situation via the university website.

Courses will usually be offered online. Details will be announced via the study office and PANDA.

There is special support for international students and university changers, e.g. supplementary exercises in classroom form.

We will offer campus tours, individual study plan planning and regular mentoring for international Master and Transition Bachelor students in attendance.

There will also be a mandatory thesis course for Transition BA student, if a BA thesis needs to be written.

We recommend to register at IFEM in order to be informed about and participate in joint activities.

We wish you a good study start!

The University for the Information Society