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Blended Aim

A blended learning mobility project is offered once a year by professors from eight universities: These universities are based in Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, Austria, Greece and Portugal. During the course of this project students from varying disciplines (Business Studies, Software Development, and Design) are invited to solve a complex problem. Within this context blended mobility refers to the combination of real and virtual mobility. In practical terms this means that the participants meet at the beginning and end of the project at a specific location (for example in Porto, Ghent, Genoa, Crete or Graz) in order to work together. The remainder of the time is spent at their respective home universities where they use digital equipment and the internet to continue their work on the project. The projects are often based on digital business models, or the digitalization of existing processes.  In order to present an attractive product at the end of the project the relevant expertise from each discipline must be combined accordingly.  Many of the projects are also carried out in cooperation with external companies who also take part in specifying the project idea. The company then supports the team’s progress through regular feedback sessions. A high degree of responsibility and flexibility is demanded from the participating students due to the agile alignment of the project. In addition to this, a high level of professionalism is also expected as students work in a professional context with both universities and companies.

In general the project begins in February and runs until June. The official application process begins in December or January. However, all those interested are welcomed to start the process at an earlier point. We also encourage those with interest to sign our list for interested parties.


Contact persons:

Henry Wolf, henry.wolf(at)dsor(dot)de
Daniel Müller, mueller(at)dsor(dot)de

The University for the Information Society