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InRegio promotes the integration of degree seeking students into the University Paderborn and the commune of Paderborn region through letting the students be part of civil engagement and building up networks to bind the students for long terms to the Paderborn region.

InRegio consists of the following six work packages:

1) To get to know and explore Paderborn: Informations about regional infrastructure, facilities, establiments, options and possibilities to network
2) To exchange with people from Paderborn (Get involved): There are tandemoptions with citizens for students of the University Paderborn
3) To get involved with the commune/ people: Community Service-Projekte
4) To use your knowledge to add value to the commune: Modul Service Learning for international degree seeking students
5) To manage : Building up structures and networks to manage meetings and exchanges
6) To save innovation and sustainability :Evaluative supervision of these work packages

The projects aim: InRegio supports the social integration of internationalen degree seeking students, which intend to successfully complete their full studies programm and their degree at the University Paderborn.

You are looking for friends in Paderborn? You would like to get a job after studying here? You like to meet *real* Germans? InRegio is you place to be! 

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