General Information

The Bachelor Transfer Degree Program offers students from the Illinois State University the unique opportunity to get a German degree “Bachelor of Science Wirtschaftswissenschaften” in addition to the ISU diploma within the standard period of study. Each year five students will get the opportunity to participate.

Program Structure

The Bachelor Degree (B.Sc.) that you will earn in Paderborn will be in Business Administration and Economics. After having completed your fundamental ISU courses, you will typically go to Paderborn during your junior year for two semesters. In Paderborn you can choose between a variety of courses to complete your 30 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) per semester, which is the average workload of a student here. A lot of courses are taught in English, so don’t worry about the German language in business courses. You will learn German elsewhere: Before your first Paderborn semester starts in October, you will enroll in a one-month intensive German language program. During the first semester, you will deepen your German skills and learn more about German culture. You will complete your stay in Paderborn with the Bachelor thesis at a department of your choice in the second semester. This final research project is designed to round off your study focus by an independent work on a recent research question.


Why did you choose to do the program?

“The transfer degree program is an excellent way to experience life in Germany while simultaneously working towards a degree that will set you apart in the job market.” – Alex B.

“The second degree also seemed like a great way to stick out to future employers and challenge myself.” – Kyle M.

What can you take with you?

“Classes were tough, but the material was very insightful and useful in our globalized world.” – Kate O.

“Pursuing a transfer degree from Universität Paderborn provides a good balance of economics-intensive coursework and free time for travel and exploration.” – Alex B.

Paderborn University and the City of Paderborn

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