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Erasmus Mundus Project GreenTech

The University of Paderborn is part of the Erasmus Mundus Project GreenTech. This program was designed with the aim of expanding the horizontal principles of the European Union for the economic and social development of third countries through cooperation with higher educational institutions, particularly in the area of research and innovation. The primary theme is “GreenTech: Smart and Green technologies for Innovative and Sustainable societies in Western Balkans”. European higher educational institutions are considered centers of excellence in learning and research within the field of green technologies. The end goal is to then transport this knowledge flow into the western Balkans, which in turn will result in improved governance as well as the development of social cohesion, for the region, on a more global scale.

The faculty of Economics and Business Administration provides scholarship winners the opportunity to study at the University of Paderborn if they fulfill the requirements of their chosen study program. More information about the GreenTech project can be found on this link

Please be aware that if your scholarship covers a stay longer than 2 semesters at the University of Paderborn, other admission criteria apply. Namely, the admission criteria for degree seeking students at the University of Paderborn. You will find further information here and here


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