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Double Master Program of Paderborn University and Tohoku University





Information for Incomings

Program Development

In general, students have to fulfill study requirements of both master programs. The first and fourth semester take place at the home university, while the second and third semester take place at the host university.

DMP participants can expect opportunities for active communications with DMP participants from the other University throughout the program. Participants from Tohoku University will spend two semesters studying together with participants from Paderborn University who have been nominated in the previous semester (Green arrows in the graphic at the bottom of this page). Also, participants from Tohoku University will spend two semesters with the “next” generation from Paderborn University (Red arrows in the graphic at the bottom of this page).

Study achievements that need to be completed abroad will be agreed upon in advance with the home university (learning agreement). In the case where these achievements correspond to the respective study program, they will be credited upon return.

Course Selection

With regard to the course selection students should be aware of the compatibility with both master programs. The table below provides an overview of the courses which have to be completed throughout each program. Further information concerning the course selection at Paderborn University is available on the webpages of the MSc IEM and the Module Catalogue, respectively. For further information with regard to the course selection at Tohoku University please visit the webpage of the GPEM.


Checklist for Course Selection
IEM120 ECTS needed
20 ECTS Mandatory Modules:
W4441 Methods of Economic Analyses (10 ECTS)(  )(  )
W4479 Econometrics (10 ECTS)(  )(  )
80 ECTS Elective Modules:
Economics (40 ECTS)(  )(  )
Management (20 ECTS)(  )(  )
General Elective (20 ECTS)(  )(  )
20 ECTS Master Thesis(  )(  )
For international students:
German language course 1 & 2(  )
GPEM30 credits (1 credit=2,5 ECTS) needed
Maximum of 10 credits (25 ECTS) acquired abroad (transferred from IEM)(  )(  )
20 credits acquired in GPEM
Global Company Research (2 credits, recommended) _ _
4 Credits Mandatory Modules:
Project Guidance A & B (4 credits)*(  )(  )
16 Credits Elective Modules**(  )(  )
Successful project presentation (after Project Guidance A & B)(  )(  )
For international students:
Japanese communication 1 or 2(  )
*Depending on which degree you would like to receive at Tohoku University (Master's Degree of Economics / Management) you can choose either Project Guidance A & B in Economics or Management.
**Maximum of 4 credits from seminars.

The program coordinators for the double master program are Prof. Dr. Stefan Jungblut (University of Paderborn) and Prof. Dr. Kenji Mori (Tohoku University).

Enquiries can be sent via email to:


The University for the Information Society