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Stuying at the Faculty

At the start of every semester the Faculty holds an Introduction Session for Exchange Students. Do not miss this event! You will come away with plenty of useful information that will make it easier for you to successfully manage your studies at the Faculty.

Introduction Session for Exchange Students

The date of the Introduction event will be communicated to you by the International Office ahead of your stay. Please try to make sure to attend the Introduction event. If you have missed it, you can catch up by reading the information provided at the following link.

Important Dates and Deadlines

Please ensure that you are fully aware of the following important dates and deadlines:

You can find all the latest important dates on the Faculty pages and on the Module pages of Module Coordinators.

What you need to know about Studying at the Faculty

Studying at the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics may in some respects vary from your home university. Please carefully read the information below.

 The following applies to Faculty modules:

  • the credit value is generally either 5 or 10 ECTS
  • a module may consist of several constituent parts, all of which have to be studied as part of the module
  • a module (and its credit points) only counts as successfully completed if all individual module parts were successfully achieved

Very important! For modules of the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics the following applies:

  • examinations cannot be retaken
  • with a few exceptions, modules are offered only once in each study year (i.e. either in the Winter or Summer semester).

The latter point is particularly important when you plan the module composition of your study programme. If you fail a module you have to retake it in its entirety (all of its parts), which is usually not possible in the same academic year.

When selecting your modules you are therefore strongly advised to take enough modules so as to avoid making your study progression contingent on successful completion of any one particular module. This is all the more important if your student bursary requires successful completion of studies, or if you want to change study cycle s (i.e. progress) at the end of your current study period.

Learning Platforms

Your registration on PAUL often also requires your registration on one of the learning platforms, for example: 

Please note: Your (de-)registration on these other platforms does not replace your official module (de-)registration on PAUL. Official registration is only via PAUL, and forms an essential requirement for entering (or withdrawing from) a module's examination.

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