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Photo: Johannes Pauly

Job prospects for students with banking and financial focus

For students of economics with a banking and financial focus, many interesting career paths are available for the future. In particular, the combination with various events of other chairs of the Department opens up numerous opportunities to become active in very different occupational fields. After graduation, you can work in both banking and "normal" companies or corporate finance and risk management consultancies.
In credit institutions, there are job opportunities in various business areas, such as Private Banking, Corporate Finance, Structured Finance, Credit Management, Investment Banking, Foreign Trade and Risk Management.

There are also opportunities for private equity analysis, Mergers & Acquisitions transactions and treasury management.

Due to the often-changing and increasingly complex regulations in the financial services sector, the demand for management consulting in the financial sector is high.

As a result, consultancies are looking for graduates with relevant banking knowledge.

In other companies in the service industry or in manufacturing companies, particular emphasis should be placed on applications in the financial sector or in risk management


In order to be active in the field of finance, it is advisable to acquire additional knowledge in the area of financing, accounting and controlling. The tasks often include financial planning and liquidity management.
Risk managers are required to build risk management systems and integrate them into the company. It remains a constant task to coordinate and modify the risk identification, analysis, evaluation and control with the risk officers of the individual divisions.

This requires a good, general understanding of the business.

Finally, the information from the risk management systems must be brought into the management of the company in order to achieve corporate governance taking into account all objectives with the appropriate opportunities and risks.

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