„How do we teach economics?“ (WiReWi)

Within the framework of this innovative teaching concept, student teachers are to be supported in critically reflecting on their subjective ideas of "economics". Prospective teachers should become aware of which ideas and norms of economic action they represent for themselves and in their teaching.

In collaboration with Taiga Brahm from the University of Tübingen, we would like to stimulate comprehensive reflection processes in this project, which should take place by the learners themselves, together with fellow students and with lecturers. The reflection will be supported by social video annotation. Master's students of business education at the University of Paderborn and Tübingen will be able to attend the innovative format for the first time starting in the winter semester 2019/20. Here, the video-recorded teaching simulations are intended not only to contribute to reflection on their presentation technique, but above all to stimulate professional reflection on their economic (threshold) concepts.

The cooperative project makes a significant contribution to the further development of the training of future teachers by bringing together the higher education didactic concepts of (peer) video feedback and the examination of (threshold) concepts. The technology we use is not innovative in itself, but a means to an end. We are more interested in getting students to engage intensively with their own, often very implicit, ideas of economics subject content. To do this, we must succeed in overcoming the students' often noticeable reluctance to deal with their very own values and attitudes. Reflection and feedback are therefore not only provided by the teachers, but also by other course participants.


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