Our teaching: Scientific and applicable

Our teaching for the bachelor degree course Information Systems and also for the two master degree courses Information Systems / Management Information Systems (MIS) focuses on business process management, information modeling and the design and application of Business Information Systems (esp. ERP-Systems) as socio-technical systems. In addition, we offer special courses on designing, selling, and delivering smart services.

Our lectures comprise rigorous methods and applicable knowledge from various industrial sectors (including IT Industry, HighTech Industry, and the Service Economy in general). In line with our view on Information Systems as an applied reseach discipline, this dual strategy enables our students to apply methods rigoroulsy and to design Information Systems for the benefit of digital companies and adminstrations – considering their properties as socio-technical systems.

Complementing the lectures, we motivate our students to conduct their own research activities in an early stage of their careers. We enable them to develop their theses autonomously and according to high scientific standards. Inspired by the goal to embed our teaching into current research activities, our lectures, seminars, and theses are related to the research projects currently conducted in our workgroup. In this way, we strive to keep our lectures at the edge of current information systems research and offer students the opportunity to participate in our research activities. In our seminars and projects we impart and teach soft skills, including to successfully cooperate in project groups and to prepare and convey scientific presentations.

We offer our students certification courses such as "TERP 10: SAP ERP - Integration of Business Processes" as key qualifications to accompany their studies.

The complete module handbook can be found here.

A detailed overview of our teaching profile can be found in the following graphic