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As an interdisciplinary discipline, we explore how information technologies can create value for business and society. In interdisciplinary teams, we analyze phenomena of digital transformation holistically and understand ourselves as pioneers in a digital society.

Next to excellence projects in basic research (e.g. SFB 901 On-the-fly-Computing), we regularly carry out application-based cooperative projects (e.g. research cluster it's OWL, BMBF project SmartMarket², NRW project Theaterlytics) with companies and institutions. In EU projects (e.g. RISE_BPM) and international networks (e.g. Association for Information Systems, INFORMS, European Research Center for Information Systems) we successfully collaborate with individuals, research institutions, and companies worldwide.

Numerous publications in renowned journals and conferences show the excellence of our research. At the same time, we are dedicated to our research community and support it as publishers of journals (e.g. Business & Information Systems Engineering, Information Systems Journal, Electronic Markets), reviewers as well as organizers of conferences, conference tracks, and workshops.

Our research colloquium PRIME serves as a networking platform for internationally renowned experienced researchers as well as young researchers in Information Systems.

Our projects combine excellent basic research with a high level of application orientation. Our research results are relevant for companies and our society.

Our research excellence and topical diversity is evident in numerous publications in excellent journals and conference proceedings.


We invite leading researchers as well as promising young scientists in the field of Information Systems to our regular research colloquium PRIME .

The University for the Information Society