Department 3: Information Systems

Paderborn University, the University for the Information Society, is one of the German-speaking world’s leading facilities for Information Systems. We investigate and design socio-technical information systems adapted to the realities of our digital era. With five high-performing research groups in the field of Information Systems, we examine all levels of business operations—from digitally networked people and working groups to digital organisations and networks right up to digital markets. In addition, we also place particular emphasis on the analysis of structured and unstructured data generated by modern socio-technical systems.

With our Bachelor's programme, we offer an excellent and versatile undergraduate education in Information Systems. This programme consistently ranks at the top of the CHE University Ranking. An important locational advantage is the integration of the study programme into the larger Faculty of Business Administration and Economics as well as into the Faculty for Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Mathematics (EIM). As a result, our undergraduate program is characterised by a balanced selection of courses in Management Information Systems, computer science, and economics. With the help of the technical and methodological skills acquired at our university, our graduates lay the foundation for a lifelong successful career in the digital society.

With our interdisciplinary Master's programme in Business Information Systems and the Master's programme in Management Information Systems (MIS), we offer highly diversified, advanced study programmes. The curricula of both programs can be tailored to individual preferences and are particularly well suited for semesters abroad. Thereby, our graduates have all the required qualifications to either occupy leading positions in the digital society or, if desired, pursue an academic career. Our Master's programmes have regularly received excellent CHE rankings.

In our research, we analyse and design information systems as human-task-technology-systems for the benefit of people, organisations and society. We examine the interaction of social structures and information technologies (cognitive object), the interaction of design and analysis (research method), as well as the interaction of basic knowledge and social benefit (research goal). The success of our research is reflected, among other things, in excellent publications, managerial positions in leading organs of publication, third-party-funded research projects, successful cooperations with organisations, and current rankings in our discipline.

We invite you to join us in shaping digital change as students, research associates, or business partners!

Latest news from the Department of Information Systems


Recent publications.

Professor Mirbabaie’s latest publication deals with the use of information technology (IT), which is having an increasing impact on society but also on the future of work. This is rooted in serious consequences that screen time can have on an individual's well-being, such as technostress, which is defined as "any negative impact on attitudes, thoughts, behaviors, or body physiology caused either directly or indirectly by technology." In this…

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Recent publications.

Professor Mirbabaie addresses in a recent publication the use of social platforms such as Twitter to seek and disseminate crisis-related information. In this context, it is particularly noticeable that sense-making and decision-making processes are increasingly interrupted by contradictory cues such as rumors. Within a case study, the authors seek to understand how sense-making, i.e., rumor-supporting and rumor-correcting, messages influence the…

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Die Klausureinsicht des Lehrstuhls von Herrn Prof. Dr. Kundisch, für die Module des Wintersemesters 2019/20 und des Sommersemesters 2020, finden jeweils in der Zeit von 9 - 12 Uhr, im Raum Q3.245, an den folgenden Terminen statt. 03.11.2020 - W1352 Grundlagen des Informationsmanagements 04.11.2020 - W2354 Ökonomie von Digitalen Märkten 05.11.2020 - W3356 Methoden der Entwicklung digitaler Geschäftsmodelle 30.10.2020 - W4343 Management von…

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Ein weiteres Video zu den Lehrveranstaltungen der Wirtschaftsinformatik wurde nun zur Bachelor-Veranstaltung "Methoden des Geschäftsprozessmanagementes" erstellt. Sie finden es bei YouTube

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General Information

The conference paper “Quantifying the Impact of Location Data for Real Estate Appraisal – A GIS-based Deep Learning Approach” (by Jan-Peter Kucklick, Jennifer Müller, Daniel Beverungen and Oliver Müller from Chair of Data Analytics and Business Information Systems) is presented at the European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) 2021, held between the 14th and 16th of June, 2021. The paper focuses on comparing data from geographic…

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At the beginning of April 2021, Prof. Dr. Milad Mirbabaie assumed the Junior Professorship for Information Systems & Digital Society at Paderborn University. His teaching and research concentrate on the Digital Transformation, with a particular focus on the Digital Society, including AI-based Systems, Digital Work, Digital Health, Social Media Analytics, and Crisis Management. In April 2021, Meike Rudert and Marie Langer joined the Junior…

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ERP-Labor: Entwicklung innovativer Informationssysteme für die digital vernetzte Gesellschaft


Professors and students of Paderborn University as well as company representatives talk about the practical relevance of business information systems at the Paderborn University and what this means in reality.


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