Vortrag von Prof. Dr. René de Koster am 03. März 2016

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Vortrag von Prof. Dr. René de Koster am 03. März 2016: "Developments in Terminal Operations and Modelling"

Prof. Dr. René de Koster ist Professor für Logistik und Produktionsmanagement an der Erasmus Universität Rotterdam und beschäftigt sich insbesondere mit den Themengebieten warehousing, material handling, container terminal operations, behavioural operations und sustainable logistics. In seinem Vortrag wird er über den Bereich container terminal operations, der die Optimierung von operativen bis strategischen Planungsentscheidungen rundum die Vorgänge an container terminals umfasst, referieren.

Der Vortrag findet am 03. März 2016 in Gebäude Q, Seminarraum Q4.245, von 10 bis 11 Uhr statt. Alle Interessierten sind zu dem Vortrag herzlich eingeladen.



Terminals (container terminals, warehouses, and cross-docks) are vital nodes in supply chains. Terminals have changed a lot in the last decades. They have increased in size, in variety of processes handled, in information processing ability, in internal transport systems used, and in degree of automation. In this talk, I will focus on developments in (particularly) container terminal operations, how such operations can be modelled, and the insights that can be obtained from such mode

New developments include, for example, faster quay cranes with multiple trolleys, new types of transport vehicles capable of automated driving and lifting of containers, automated stacking cranes with multiple cranes sharing the rails, extended gates, and appointment and identification systems for trucks.

The models that have been developed over time focus on aspects like layout planning, berth allocation, ship stowage planning, scheduling of quay cranes, transport vehicles, and stack cranes, and stack assignment.

In spite of all modelling efforts, the progress of technology requires a sustained effort of researchers to evaluate and compare strategies, operating policies, and system choices.