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At the 42nd International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) Professor Milad Mirbabaie and his co-authors will present the paper "The Identity of Born Virtual Organizations: Exploring the Role of ICT". The publication deals with the forced virtualization of work. Prior to this development, however, increasing numbers of ‘born virtual’ organizations surfaced in the IT sector and beyond. These organizations rely heavily on ICT and work fully remote, with many of their employees practicing digital nomadism. To better understand this phenomenon, the study provides a case study of three companies from different sectors that have been operating virtually since their establishment. The results reveal that ICT not only shape such organizations’ identity but also foster individual autonomy, digital processes, constant reinvention, trust through social connectedness, and a shared identity impacting cross-organizational collaboration.

The ICIS conference is one of the most renowned conferences in the scientific disciplines of business informatics and information systems. It will be held in Austin, TX, United States on 12-15 Dec 2021.