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Photo: Universität Paderborn, Besim Mazhiqi


GOR Bachelor Prize 2021 for Till Roglaski for his excellent Bachelor thesis

On March 30, 2021 Till Rogalski was awarded the Bachelor Prize of the Gesellschaft für Operations Research (GOR) e.V (OR Society, Germany) for special academic achievements in the field of Operations Research. The prize was awarded to him by the GOR for his excellent bachelor thesis on the topic "Optimization of electrical power distribution networks with a reactive tabu search heuristic".  For his thesis at the chair of Prof. Schryen, he developed an algorithm for the use in the planning process of power distribution networks and the determination of, for example, locations of transformers or line configuration.

The Chair of Management Information Systems & Operations Research congratulates him on this exceptional achievement and honor.

The University for the Information Society