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Wednesday, 28.04.2021 | 13.00 Uhr - 14.30 Uhr | Universität Paderborn (Zoom) | Prof. Dr. Oliver Müller

Prof. Dr. Jan Recker will present his research paper „Understanding Multiple Conceptual Models“ in the upcoming PRIME Research Seminar

As part of the PRIME (Paderborn Research Colloquium on Information Management & Engineering) research seminar, the Department of Information Systems invites leading research personalities as well as promising young researchers in Information Systems to the University of Paderborn. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to continue hosting the lectures virtually. This also gives us the opportunity to invite the entire faculty.

We invite all interested Faculty memebers to join the Seminar on April 28, 2021 at 1PM here

Prof. Dr. Jan Recker: „Understanding Multiple Conceptual Models“

Abstract: Information systems are based on underlying conceptual models of the real-world domain the system is intended to support. Because most systems are complex, practitioners often use many different types of models in combination during analysis and design. Past research in conceptual modelling, however, has usually studied only single models in isolation. We study how users work with multiple conceptual models in combination. In 2019 we proposed a new theory about how users select models to work with, how they interpret them, and how useful different model combinations are, but this theory had not been tested yet. We now report on a series of experiments that examines the theoretical predictions about how users interpret multiple models, based on two factors: combined ontological completeness and ontological overlap. We use eye-tracking to expose the cognitive processes through which users scan and integrate modeling constructs across different models.

Jan Recker is Alexander-von-Humboldt Fellow, Chaired Professor for Information Systems and Digital Innovation at the University of Hamburg, and Adjunct Professor at the QUT Business School. In his research he explores the intersection of technology, people and work. He works with particularly large organizations, such as Woolworths, SAP, Hilti, Commonwealth Bank, Lufthansa, Ubisoft, Esri, federal and state governments, and with particularly small organizations ("start-ups") in the consumer goods, hardware, and financial sectors. He tackles questions such as:

  • systems analysis and design practices in the digital age
  • digital entrepreneurship
  • digital innovation and transformation in large organizations
  • digitalization of products, services, and processes
  • digital solutions for a sustainable future

Jan's research in these areas draws on quantitative, qualitative and computational methods. He has published in leading information systems, management science, software engineering, project management, computer science, and sociology journals. He has also written popular textbooks on scientific research and data analysis, which are in use in over 500 institutions in over 60 countries. He was Editor-in-Chief of the Communications of the Association for Information Systems from 2015-2020. He is Senior Editor for the MIS Quarterly. In 2019, he was named #1 business researcher under 40 years of age by the German Magazine Wirtschaftswoche. He was the youngest academic ever to be named an AIS fellow in 2018. In 2019, he received an “Outstanding Associate Editor Award” from MIS Quarterly.


Oliver Müller

Prof. Dr. Oliver Müller

Wirtschaftsinformatik, insb. Data Analytics

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