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Photo: Universität Paderborn, Besim Mazhiqi


Web-based Information Service for Higher Education Students

Funded by European Commission.

In cooperation with other european Universities.

Project manager: Prof. Dr. Leena Suhl, Michael Steinmann

Project duration: 01.11.2008 - 31.10.2011

The WISHES Project is funded within the Action 4 of the Erasmus Mundus Programme. Its overall aim is to set up the WISHES mobility portal. This mobility portal centrally promotes European study and work offers to high potential students and recent graduates.
 The information- and community portal WISHES interlinks higher education institutions (HEIs), students and enterprises and provides them with information tailored according to their expressed needs. As a result, this user-driven, high quality and multi-professional web-platform ensures the best fit between all three target groups as it enables
- HEIs and enterprises to effectively promote their study and work offers worldwide and free of charge,
- Students to retrieve reliable information to find their dream job / university abroad.

The University for the Information Society