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Photo: Universität Paderborn, Besim Mazhiqi


Framework development for creating, managing, linking and publishing of learning objects

Project partner: European Commission, IST Programme, number IST-1999-11124

Project manager: Stephan Kassanke

Project duration: 01.03.2000 - 30.08.2002

Lifelong learning became a central topic of today's time. Learning accompanies us from school until the working world. The objective of the project OR World is to fulfill today's demand for high-quality learning materials. The Framework of OR World offers the possibility of learning materials in a certain Granularity, makes the re-use of learning objects easier. To integrate learning objects, to tie hyperlinks together and to publish at last. Besides, the size of the learning objects varies from media elements (animations, simulations, text, graphic arts, audio, etc.), about learning elements, contents modules, channels to thematic networks. The division in granularity makes it easier to re-use the learning objects. In the project, the use of the framework is demonstrated with the help of interdisciplinary discipline Operations Research/management Science (OR/MS). However, OR-World itself is independent of contents.

The University for the Information Society