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Photo: Universität Paderborn, Besim Mazhiqi

Conception of a communication platform for integrated enterprise communication

Conception and realization of an integrated enterprise-internal communication platform for the holistic support of enterprise communication

Project partner: neam Gesellschaft für Kommunikationslösungen mbH

Project manager: Markus Toschläger

Project duration: 02.04.2001 - 31.10.2001

Five beginning computer scientists of the university of Paderborn provide their thesis (diploma) in a unique project of the faculty. Supported by the Society for neam communications solutions mbH ltd.; Three Theses are written, together with a theme. The title is: The illustration picture of enterprise-spreading information processes in medium-sized businesses, including the integration of existing subsystems. We allow the diploma students the opportunity to become familiar with the basis of our corporate data with real information processes to learn, said Oliver Hoffstadt of neam. On this basis, an actual state analysis for a target concept can be provided, as weak points are uncovered. " The software developed from the results is to offer above all a simplified control system for medium-size enterprises", explains Hoffstadt.

The University for the Information Society