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Photo: Universität Paderborn, Besim Mazhiqi

Practice offers

At the DS&OR lab, analysis and development of application systems are conducted. The focus of the research work contains optimization algorithms, simulation methods and/or heuristic problem solution techniques. A substantial goal of this research consists of providing enterprises with knowledge within these research areas, and evaluating and further developing our scientific approaches in various practical projects. Currently, co-operation with various regional and international enterprises are accomplished. The emphasis is thereby on complex optimization problems in the domains of transport of goods and resource scheduling. Many students look for practice topics and enterprise contacts for their research study and seminar work. DS&OR Lab co-workers provide feedback and support to student's technical and scientific ideas in regarding this project work .Our goal is to be successful both in terms of research and also produce results that are useful for organizations in the "real-world". The performance of DS&OR Lab follows with a short outline. If you have interest in a co-operation, or further questions, you can contact Leena Suhl. We look forward to having a dialogue with you!

Organizational forms of projects

In the implementation of projects there is great flexibility in terms of organisational framework. Depending upon the kind and range of the problem definition, selecting the suitable project partners is specified, whereby in principle those exist in the following shown possibilities: In study and degree thesis, the content wise defined topics are worked on by maximum two students..The time frame of such work in the field of Business informatics is typically limited to six months. As part of a thesis, a student should have a solid theoretical approach that will provide a solution to the problem given. Most of the following is the prototypical implementation of the concept developed by an information system. The staff of the DS & OR Lab provide the scientific and professional supervision for the project partners, as desired. Another form of cooperation is the processing of tasks in the framework of courses and in the context of training meetings. The term-accompanying Decision support Project was conceived particularly for the treatment of problem definitions from a practical point of view. Of course, a combination o.g. Project forms is also feasible, as e.g. degree thesis is accomplished as the first phase of a project. The collaboration and assignment of our project partners can be flexible, the organisation of which is done on an individual basis and as per their needs and constraints. If the scopes of the project for study and degree thesis are too large, or offer themselves a long-term co-operation, then this can be agreed upon in the form of research and development projects. In the project partner's contractual agreements present (state that) how and the capacities of the coworkers as well as resources of the DS&OR lab at the disposal. The benefits of the DS & OR Lab can range from organizational development and information technology solutions, to the implementation of a prototype system that can be real-world ready.

Spheres of activity for projects

We can offer you methodical and system-oriented consulting knowledge in the following work areas:

  • Solution of (complex) optimization problems, in particular within the fields of production, logistics, transport and traffic
  • Employment of simulation as an operational decision making aid
  • Development and use of Hypermedia training systems with the training of woman employees
  • Execution of weak point analyses and development of organizational and information-technical approaches within all economical fields

The University for the Information Society