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Award: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Regina Ortmann receives Teaching Award from the faculty for business administration and economics

The "Teaching Award from the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics for Great Commitment in Teaching" was awarded to Jun.-Prof. Regina Ortmann, Ph-D. The holder of the chair of International Business Taxation was honored for her exceptional commitment to academic teaching and for her courage in innovative teaching concepts.

The basis of the awarding was her conception and realization of the module "Verrechnungspreise im Spannungsfeld zwischen Steuerung und Besteuerung". The special feature of this module: It connects the disciplines Taxation and Controlling and combines research-orientation with practice relevance in an innovative manner. This was also emphasized by Prof. Dr. Guido Schryen, Vice-Dean for IT and PR, in his laudatory speech at the award ceremony on November 16th.

Interdisciplinarity plays an important role for Ortmann: "To illuminate a topic through several discipline borders is highly enriching and offers possibilites to develop new research ideas for the future."

Currently, Ortmann spends a research stay at Stanford University, USA. Therefore, she was not able to receive the prize personally, but gave her thanks for the honor by video message.

For further information about the teachinig award ceremony click here.

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