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Website of the Board of Examiners

The economic board of examiners is responsible for the implementation and compliance of the current examination regulations of the about 5,000 students of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. The board of examiners consists of seven members who are entitled to vote, including two students.

All enquiries to the board of examiners are checked conscientiously. The examination regulations are relevant to the decision making. All relevant information and documents need to be handed in when making an enquiry. If there are any documents handed in later, there is no chance to take them into account.

Please abstain from multiple requests during the processing procedure, as feedback can take time due to the number of enquiries of all students.

Enquiries and e-mails with a missing minimum of courtesy and formal correctness are not going to be worked on.

According to your concern, please proceed as follows:

Matters of the Board of Examiners

1. Recognition of Test Achievements

For further details about the recognition of academic achievements, please refer to the guideline of the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics.

For the recognition of academic achievements abroad, please note the general procedure of the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics.

For recognitions in the field of the Chair of Production Management and Controlling please hand in a completed learning agreement before you go abroad and a completed application for recognition after you have been abroad to Ms Papenfort.

To make a request, please note the information in number 5.

2. Transfer of Test Achievements (Additional Modules)

Detailed justified enquiries (incl. the required documents) to transfer test achievements can be sent to pruefungsausschuss(at)wiwi.upb(dot)de.

Data and documents to be handed in:

-        Name, matriculation number, course of study
-        Module name & number of the test achievement to be transferred
-        Overview of achievements
-        Detailed justification

3. Exception of the ”20/30 Regulation”

Due to the principles of equality the “20/30 regulation” (in accordance with §13(3) PO) is used. Detailed justified enquiries (incl. the required documents) to be checked on a case-by-case basis can be sent to pruefungsausschuss(at)wiwi.upb(dot)de with the subject “Enquiry to exception of the 20/30 regulation”.

Documents to be handed in:

-        Name, matriculation number, course of study
-        Overview of achievements
-        Semester
-        Detailed justification

4. Belated Exam Registration/ Admission to Modules

After the expiry of the revision phase due to principles of equity no belated admissions to modules will be approved. Only in cases where a doctor can prove that the student was not able to register for the examination, an exception can be granted.

5. How Do I Make an Enquiry?

Structure of the enquiry:

-        Recipient: pruefungsausschuss(at)wiwi.upb(dot)de 
-        Subject: Enquiry to [Name of the title of the numbers 1-4]
-        Please always indicate your full name and matriculation number/
         applicant number
-        Content: The relevant contents of the enquiry are to take from numbers 1-4

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