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Our Faculty has proven top class again

The Faculty of Business Administration and Economics at the Paderborn University has achieved excellent results in the leading nationwide ranking of universities, “Centre for Higher Education (CHE)” University Ranking. 

The survey of master’s degree programs rated us as the best university in the region (Westfalen-Lippe). We achieved excellent results in many categories including categories such as “organization of studies“ and the “transition to the master’s degree“. In the spring of this year, we were also able to achieve top scores for our economics courses, especially in categories “support during studies” and “support at the beginning of studies”, which are particularly important for our students. Furthermore, the results show top scores for the range of courses we offer as well as our relation to science, offers for career guidance and IT infrastructure.

We welcome these excellent results and continue contributing to the success of our Faculty.

For more detailed information, please follow the links for the current and previous CHE results. You can find additional information about our scores in the “Centre for Higher Education (CHE)” University Ranking by clicking here.

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