Excellent achievements in TAF: Tobias Weihs receives UGO-Award

 |  Allgemeines

On the Day of Excellence 2021, the participants of the last Excellence Programme and the UGO-awardees were formally honoured. One of the UGO-awardees was Tobias Weihs, who wrote his master’s thesis with the Chair of Tax Accounting. In his thesis, he empirically analysed the influence of quarterly reports on analysts’ forecasts. The UGO-prize is awarded by the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics for excellent final theses.

The Excellence Programme enables students with above-average achievements to distinguish themselves through their first own research work. In addition to the exchange with each other, the participants also benefit from the mentoring support and close contact with the accompanying chairs. The aim is not only to consciously deal with challenging economic scientific problems and theory concepts but also to make new contacts.

The Department 2 would like to congratulate Mr Weihs and all other participants and UGO-awardees.

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