An interesting internship abroad

 |  Allgemeines

It is important to consolidate the knowledge you have learned through practical application during your studies. There are many different possibilities, and one of them is an internship abroad, as our former colleague Anna-Lena Happe is currently doing in Copenhagen. The IBS student started looking for an internship in digital marketing on LinkedIn. Within a short time and a total of two online interviews, she received an acceptance letter from a start-up in Copenhagen in May. The company sells posters in Scandinavian, minimalist design and for each poster, a tree is planted. Anna-Lena is responsible for the German Instagram account and some posts for the international account. She likes the company's mission statement, the casual manner of the Danes, but also the fact that she can learn a lot and have a say in decision-making.

There is a prejudice that a country neighbouring Germany is not suitable for an internship abroad. Anna-Lena proves just the opposite, as it brings many advantages. She believes that experience abroad is not determined by distance, but by getting to know the culture, improving one's own skills, and forming new friendships. The proximity to Germany can ease the fear of the unknown, especially in the beginning, and you can always take the train back home without any problems, for example for Christmas.

Anna-Lena reports on these and many other exciting insights at: