Information on final theses

You can find a guide for final theses at our chair here (only available in German).

Handling of final theses

I. If you would like to write a final thesis with us (bachelor, master thesis), you should have a keen interest in our teaching and research topics.

II. If you want to apply for a bachelor or master thesis, please note that the assignment of theses at the Faculty of Economics at the Paderborn University is organized via a central web-based registration process. The department "Taxation, Accounting and Finance" and thus our chair also takes part in this process. Further information and the option of central online registration can be found here. (Please note that the content is only available in German. For further information please contact the study office)

III. Within the central online application for a bachelor thesis, it is generally not possible to submit your own topic suggestions to our chair. Usually, our chair will allocate the topics to the students. If you already have a specific topic or area in mind for your thesis, please feel free to mention this in your application or contact us. We will take it into account when assigning the topics if possible. A motivation letter is not required for your application via the central registration process.

IV. For more information, visit our information event, which is offered once per semester. There we want to provide you with information about our chair, potential subject areas and our supervision concept. Afterwards we take the time to answer all open questions.


Topics of previous final theses

Here you find an extract from the catalog of topics for final theses from the last semesters. The topics deal with questions on matters of business taxation and accounting. Economic analyses are carried out on a regular basis.


1. An analysis of voluntary tax information disclosure using the example of the Australian Voluntary Tax Transparency Code (original title: Eine Analyse der freiwilligen Offenlegung von Steuerinformationen am Beispiel des australischen Voluntary Tax Transparency Codes)

2. An economic analysis of the accounting for pension provisions – comparing HGB, EStG and IFRS (original title: Eine ökonomische Analyse der Bilanzierung von Pensionsrückstellungen – HGB, EStG und IFRS im Vergleich)

3. Tax aid for businesses in the European Union (original title: Steuerliche Beihilfen für Unternehmen in der Europäischen Union)

4. An empirical analysis of the tax aggressiveness of German companies (original title: Eine empirische Analyse der Steueraggressivität deutscher Unternehmen)

5. (How) do analysts adapt their forecasts to tax changes? (original title: (Wie) passen Analysten Ihre Prognosen an steuerliche Veränderungen an?)

1. The information content of the #taxes on Twitter (original title: Der Informationsgehalt des #Steuern auf Twitter)

2. An empirical analysis of the impact of quarterly reports on analyst forecasts (original title: Eine empirische Analyse des Einflusses von Quartalsberichten auf Prognosen von Analysten)