The Chairs' Research Areas can mainly be connected to quantitativ analysis of tax effects and to tax planning. Special focus is placed on the effects of taxation on companies decisions and strategies.


  • Economic analysis of taxation 
    • Real taxation law 
    • Real-typical taxation law 
    • Ideal-typical taxation law
  • Economic analysis of taxation reform
    • Transitional problems
    • Inter-temporal effects
    • Distortion
  • Investment decisions under taxation
    • In dynamic context
    • Under insecurity
    • Under analysis of taxation decision- / pre-emptive rights 
    • International taxplaning
  • Empiric work and simulation to real and planed taxation regulation 
    • Decisionanalysis 
    • Distribution effect 
    • Emergence effect

Data in Teaching and Research

An overview of the most important databases used in teaching and research in the Faculty of Buisness Administration and Economics and in the Department "Taxation, Accounting and Finance" can be found here.