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Foto: Christian Sofilkanitsch

UGO Award for Tobias Weihs

Vorschaubild des Videos
Tobias Weihs was awarded the UGO prize for his excellent master's thesis. After completing his bachelor's degree in Economics at Paderborn University, he began the master's programme in Business Administration with a focus on "Taxation, Accounting and Finance". In his Master's thesis "An empirical analysis of the influence of quarterly reports on analysts' forecasts", Mr. Weihs finds out that the publication of low tax rates has a positive effect on the accuracy of analysts' ETR forecasts. With this innovative research, Mr. Weihs was able to impress the professorship as well as the "Unternehmergruppe Ostwestfalen e. V.". You can learn more about his master's thesis in this video. The entire team of the professorship is happy for Tobias Weihs and wishes him continued success for his professional career!
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