Schmalenbach Scholarship & Schmalenbach Award

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The Schmalenbach Foundation aims to ideally and financially support professionally qualified and socially committed students in a business-oriented masters programme. With the support of the Carl Lueg Foundation, the Schmalenbach Foundation provides 'Schmalenbach Scholarships'.

In addition, the Schmalenbach Award is awarded annually to a dissertation that is application-oriented, theoretically or empirically sound and represents a scientific advance in business administration in the service of economic practice. The work should - like the work of Eugen Schmalenbach - be rooted in the field of practice-oriented business administration. The Schmalenbach Award is endowed with 10,000 €.

For more information, see Schmalenbach Scholarship and Schmalenbach Award.

The Chair of Tax and Accounting wishes you much success in the application process!