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Allocation of thesis

Allocation of thesis

General information

The study programmes at the Faculty of Economics include a thesis.

Depending on the programme, you have to write a Bachelor or Master thesis. For detailed information, please refer to the respective examination regulations.

The aim of the thesis is that the student demonstrate one’s ability that he / she can independently and autonomously penetrate a problem of a subject within a given period of time by applying scientific methods.


Application for a bachelor thesis

The Faculty of Economics organizes the allocation of Bachelor and Master thesis via a central web-based registration procedure.

The departments 'Management', 'Taxation, Accounting, Finance', 'Economics' and 'Business and Human Resource Education' participate in this process.

The aim of this registration procedure is to distribute the thesis that are scheduled for the semester evenly and with regard to the capacity of supporting personnel to the individual chairs in the participating departments.Simultaneously the preferences of the students regarding the focus are considered.

This system does not replace the official exam registration, but serves initially to allocate the thesis within the four participating departments.

The assignment of the students to their supporting person from the chair takes about 1 - 1 ½ months. After that, they will be informed by mail about the acceptance and the contact partner. The registration for the thesis in the summer semester 2019 is possible from 14 january to 25 january 2019 on the these page.

If you have any organizational questions about the central registration procedure you can contact abschlussarbeiten(at)wiwi.upb(dot)de.

If you do not want to use the received commitment, you should immediately give notice of your departure to the corresponding chair.


Registration of the thesis

After receiving a commitment, a first conversation with the supporting person of the respective chair takes place.

At the first appointment it is necessary to bring along the registration form of the examination office. The registration form has to be collected in person from the examination secretariat or has to be printed in PAUL.

The thesis will be immediately registered by the respective chair after the allocation of the topic is done.

As confirmation, you will receive an official notification from the examination office about the beginning, the processing period and the topic. Further information can be found in your examination regulations.

Special features at the Chair of Finance and Banking

Selection criteria

We recommend that you have participated in at least one of our modules. A further selection criterion are the grades, which you have achieved in our modules.


Support commitment

After you have received a support commitment via the central system for allocation of theses, you will be informed in the following weeks by email about the further process.


Every semester before the start of the application phase, an overarching topic for bachelor theses will be announced on our homepage under “News”.


There are various topics to choose from for this overarching topic. 
Own topic suggestions for bachelor theses are not possible. For master theses you can submit your own topic suggestion. Theses in collaboration with companies are only possible in the context of master's theses.

It is not compulsory to submit a topic proposal when applying for a master's thesis, but it can simplify the search for a topic later on.



Registration date


For the bachelor theses, central registration deadlines are set by us. Master theses can be announced in consultation with the supporting person at any time in the respective semester.




If you write your bachelor thesis at our professorship, you are obliged to take part in a bachelor thesis seminar. During the seminar an introduction to the scientific work takes place and at another appointment the presentation of your work takes place.

The dates will be announced early in the semester.

General Bachelor-Thesis-Topic in Winter...

Ausgewählte Aspekte der Finanzintermediation

Former theses

Here you can find a list of former theses.


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