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(Foto: Christian Sofilkanitsch)

Photo: (Foto: Christian Sofilkanitsch)

Allocation of final theses

If you are interested in writing your thesis with us, you should have a profound understanding of financial accounting as well as a strong interest in empirical research in accounting.

At the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics bachelor and master theses are allocated through a central web-based system. If you want to apply for writing your thesis with Prof. Kosi and her team you have to do it via the central system. More detailed information as well as deadlines concerning this procedure can be found here (only available in German). 

Further information

  • General information (here)
  • Guidelines for writing a thesis (here)
  • General information (here)
  • Guidelines for writing a thesis (here)

Previously supervised bachelor theses:

  • Development of sustainability reporting in Germany between 2011 and 2016
  • Development of sustainability reporting in Germany
  • Determinants of sustainability reporting by German listed firm
  • Sustainability reporting in the UK - disclosure practice
  • How is the IASB funded? A descriptive analysis
  • Dissenting opinions in the IASB’s standard setting: A descriptive analysis
  • CEO turnover and accounting quality in German firms
  • Gender structure of the board and readability of annual reports of UK firms
  • Board structure and firm performance
  • The influence of credit ratings on the capital structure of DAX listed companies
  • The effect of corporate social responsibility on firm market value
  • The influence of the German accounting enforcement system on auditor choice
  • Personal attributes of CEO and firm performance
  • IFRS adoption in small and medium sized enterprises in Germany

Previously supervised master theses:

  • Cross-country differences in voluntary disclosure of non-financial information
  • Determinants of investment efficieny in German firms
  • Gender structure of boardrooms in UK firms and firm value
  • Earnings management after IFRS adoption: Comparison of German and UK firms
  • Earnings management after BilMoG adoption in Germany
  • Earnings management and cultural origin of the CEO
  • Earnings management after enforcement actions (Germany, UK)
  • Earnings management related to tax incentives
  • IFRS adoption in European exchange-regulated markets
  • Determinants of corporate participation in IFRS 4 replacement process
  • Determinants of cost of debt in German firms 

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