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Teaching offer

Following courses are offered by prof. dr. Urška Kosi. For detailed information, please mouse click on the specific course. Further information about all courses of the departments can be found here.



Application period Semester Language Responsibility More information 
24.06.-05.07.2019 WS19/20 ENG Prof. Dr. Urška Kosi please click here
14.01.-25.01.2019 SS19 ENG Prof. Dr. Urška Kosi please click here
02.07.-13.07.2018 WS18/19 ENG Prof. Dr. Urška Kosi please click here

Further Information

Specialization in Taxation, Accounting and Finance

Students who are interested in the specialization on Taxation, Accounting and Finance, can find further information on bachelor programmes here and on master programmes here.

Recognition of academic achievements abroad

Please consider that the procedure concerning the recognition of academic achievements abroad in the TAF department has changed July 17, 2017.

Further information can be found here. (only available in German)

Job profiles

Here you can find descriptions of bachelor and master programmes as well as some examples of job profiles that can help you with the selection of modules offered by the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics. Please consider that these are only examples.

Further information:

Please click here for PAUL (assistant system for Paderborn University).


For further information please clicke here.



Please click here to 
find the module handbook or
module catalogue of Faculty of Business Administration and Economics.

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