Prof. Dr. Urska Kosi represents Germany in the European Accounting Association (EAA)

 |  Allgemeines

The European Accounting Association (EAA) provides a platform for researchers from all over the world to exchange and educate themselves about research and teaching in the field of accounting. Prof. Dr. Urska Kosi will be representing the EAA Germany starting in May. The national representatives and the board members maintain and promote intensive contact between researchers across national borders. At the same time, the members are networking with other European and international actors from politics, business and research who are active in the field of accounting and strive for a better exchange of knowledge.

Kosi is looking forward to the new task: "The European Accounting Association is one of the most renowned associations of researchers and teachers in the field of accounting and the second largest in the world after the American Accounting Association. The EAA provides a valuable framework to educate (or train) young scholars*, to further develop our field of research, and to promote the exchange of information across countries. In doing so, the EAA's initiatives consistently create exciting opportunities for meeting, exchanging, and advancing." 

At the University of Paderborn, Kosi holds the professorship of Business Administration, especially Financial Accounting and Auditing. Her research includes the development of international financial reporting standards (IFRS), financial reporting and sustainability reporting (CSR), the impact of disclosure requirements, with a focus on non-listed companies. Since July 2019, she is leading two subprojects in the Collaborative Research Center (SFB) "TRR 266 Accounting for Transparency" funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).