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Thorsten Auer

Office hour:

With appointment - please get in contact by e-mail


University of Paderborn
Faculty of Business Administration & Economics
Chair for Business Administration,
esp. Organizational Behavior
Warburger Str. 100
33098 Paderborn 




(+49) 52 51 / 60 4392


(+49) 52 51 / 60 35 50




***Please contact me by e-mail. Telephone availability is not given until further notice at the moment (Status: 01.05.2020).***

Brief biography

Thorsten Auer has been working for the chair of Prof. Dr. Kirsten Thommes since November 2018. He completed his bachelor studies at the University of Hildesheim in the field of International Information Management. Afterward, he moved to Paderborn for his master's degree and completed the study program Management Information Systems. In the course of this study, he participated in the Asian Studies in Business and Economics (ASBE) program of the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics, which included a stay at Oita University in Japan. At the same time, he completed an additional bachelor's degree in Applied Sports Science in Paderborn.



His research interests are based in ethical behavioral economics. Using various quantitative research methods, he primarily investigates in prerequisites of corrupt behavior of individuals and in organizations. Furthermore, ethnic discrimination in the labor market and ethical intentions of founders of new ventures comprise his research. Additionally, he examines internal team processes and their effects on various outcomes.





11.-12.07.2019 Paper Development Workshop: "Business Ethics in the Post-Communist Societies of Central and Eastern Europe" of the Journal of Business Ethics at the University of Regensburg
09.08.2020 Rapid Research Plenary on Racial Inequality and Systemic Racism: "Ethnic discrimination in the recruitment process in the German public sector" of the Organizational Behavior Division at the Academy of Management Virtual Conference.
04.12.2020 Philiosophy for Business Ethics track session: "Is corruption imprinted? A study on preconditions of corruption in Central and Eastern European countries" of the Business for Society Interest Group at the European Academy of Management Vitual Conference.



BGM-Award of the Institute for sports sociology 2019 Award for an outstanding final thesis in the field of corporate health management on the topic "Significance of communication processes in corporate health management - data analysis on the effect of health promotion measures on employee productivity" [English translation of the title].  



Open list in Research Information System


Auer, T. F., Sennefelder, L., & Meier, H. (2020). Einflüsse gesundheitsfördernder Maßnahmen auf die Kommunikationsstrukturen und deren Nutzen für die Arbeitsproduktivität? Gesundheitsförderung, 1, 58–61.

@article{Auer_Sennefelder_Meier_2020, title={Einflüsse gesundheitsfördernder Maßnahmen auf die Kommunikationsstrukturen und deren Nutzen für die Arbeitsproduktivität?}, volume={1}, journal={Gesundheitsförderung}, publisher={Conrad-Verlag}, author={Auer, Thorsten Fabian and Sennefelder, Lisa and Meier, Heiko}, year={2020}, pages={58–61} }

    Knorr, K., Auer, T. F., & Thommes, K. (2020). Is Corruption Imprinted? A Study on Preconditions of Corruption in Post-Communist Countries. In G. Atinc (Ed.), Academy of Management Proceedings (Vol. 2020).

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      Open list in Research Information System

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