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Final thesis

Current information on the supervision of theses for the summer semester 2021

At the Chair of Organizational Behavior, you can write your thesis as follows (subject to further restrictions due to the corona pandemic): Information on the procedure and topics can be found HERE and in the following section.

Application for the final thesis 

At the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics, the allocation to a thesis supervisor is organized through a central web-based application procedure.

This system does not replace the official exam registration but serves, first of all, to allocate theses within the four participating departments. The allocation of students to their supervisors takes about 1 - 1 ½ months. You will then be informed via e-mail about acceptance and contact person. The official registration of your thesis will only take place afterwards through the chair.

If you have organizational questions regarding the central registration procedure, you can contact abschlussarbeiten[at]
Please note that information regarding your assignment will be sent to your IMT e-mail address. 

Registration for final theses in the summer semester 2021 is possible from January 25 to February 5 2021, at the following page.

If you would like to write your bachelor's thesis with us, you can choose one of the given research ideas for which you will then be asked to write an empirically based thesis. You will find an overview of the topics in the document linked at the end of this section.

As a Master's candidate at our chair, you can

  • choose a given subject area of the chair,
  • you can submit a proposal of your own that fits the research topics of the chair,
  • or carry out a relevant practical project in companies.

Please indicate your topic preference(s) in your application. For your application, please submit a short exposé of your topic idea. If you are accepted by the chair, please arrange an appointment with your assigned supervisor within a short time. Further information on the topics and other criteria can be found HERE

Please contact us directly by e-mail if you have any questions.

Particularities at the Chair of Organizational Behavior

Starting point

For Bachelor and Master theses, the latest date for registration is at the end of the last week of October/ April.


For the registration, you have to hand in the filled-out and printed registration form from PAUL at our chair (secretary office or mailbox).

We will inform you about the introduction as well as all further components of our supervision concept as soon as you have accepted your thesis supervision at our chair (see supervision concept and additional module).

Topics for final thesis

The topics for Bachelor and Master theses vary every semester and are clearly specifed for Bachelor candidates.

For Bachelor theses, you can decide between six research topics, of which you should choose one. You will then write an empirically based thesis on the selected research topic. 

(1) Experiment: Duration of team cooperation and performance in creative tasks in the team (depending on the development of the Corona pandemic)

(2) Usage of AI in sales

(3) Trust in teamwork

(4) Communication skills in teamwork

(5) Empathy in teamwork

(6) Communication in the intranet


For Master theses, we suggest the following topics. However, you can also work out your own topic suggestion, which falls into the area of Organizational Behavior. This can also be in the context of cooperation with a company. 

(1) Experiment: Unethical behvior in virtual environments

(2) Staff assessment and competence measurement

(3) What effects do time preferences/ pace of life/ life history theory/ r-K-selection have on human behavior?

(4) Usage of corporate history

(5) Trust in AI

(6) Measuring cooperativeness in teams

(7) Measuring flexibility in teams

(8) Behavioral differences between virtual and natural environments

(9) Meta-competencies for teamwork (depending on the development of the Corona pandemic)

Documents for the application


To apply with your own proposed topic or a practical project for a master's thesis, please submit a detailed exposé of your topic. For the selection of suggested topics (both bachelor's and master's), you should also include an exposé with your application in advance, which will also increase your chances of being selected. If you are accepted by the chair, please arrange an appointment with your assigned supervisor as soon as possible. Furthermore, a well-prepared exposé must be submitted in consultation with the supervisor when registering your thesis.

The exposé should cover the following points on the proposed topic:

1) Theoretical background/motivation for the topic,

2) Problem and research question,

3) Methodological procedure,

4) Expected results,

5) Scheduling,

6) Introductory literature.

You will find a template for the exposé on our homepage.

Concept of supervision and additional module

If you write a thesis at our chair, you have to register in the first registration phase via PAUL for the additional module Fundamentals of Scientific Work for Research Projects (M.184.2159 for Bachelor and M.184.4159 for Master). The seminar is intended to give you an understanding of the procedure for scientific work and thus support you in the preparation of your concrete research papers. Due to the current imposed restrictions, the additional module Fundamentals of Scientific Work for Research Projects will only be available online.


For preparation, you continuously expand your exposé until registration. We will support you with the additional module and in personal meetings with the methodological approach and organizational matters. The exposé must be submitted once to check and prepare the subsequent presentation. After the presentation, the exposé should be revised and submitted again before the thesis is registered. In this way, we want to create planning security for you and us and ensure a certain quality standard that benefits you.

Information on the assignment of supervision Beginning/ middle of August/ February
Getting into contact and agreement on topic Until the end of August/ February
Registration and access to the additional module Until the first week in October/ April
Submission of the first draft of the exposé to the supervisor Second week in October / second week in April
Presentation of the interim results Second-last week in October / second-last week in April
Submission of the final exposé and official registration Last week in October / Last week in April
Meetings for supervision Distributed over the semester in an individual arrangement
Submission of the thesis  3 months (BA) / 6 months (MA) after registration
Notes on design and writing

A guideline for the formal design of scientific papers and a template for your thesis, the exposé and presentations at our chair can be found here.


Further information:

The University for the Information Society