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Accreditation of academic achievements abroad

  1. We are enabled to only decide about the accreditation of transfer credits within the field of International Business which does not include specific language modules etc.
  2. The decision about all opportunities of the accreditation will be generally taken before you go abroad. Therefore, please contact us on time.
    Your contact personDr. Holger Steinmetz (office hours wednesdays 2pm-3pm)
  3. Please do not forget to include enough time in your plans and take care of all required documents. (For more information, please have a look at your examination regulations.)
  4. All forms and documents that you are supposed to fill out and submit, are highlighted in orange on this website.
  5. The accreditation of transfer credits takes places at the level of the module.
    1. If you like to have a course accredited as substitute of one of our courses, the course outline will have to be in conformity with the content of our modules.
    2. Alternatively,  courses taken abroad can also be accredited as placeholder module "Spezialgebiete Management"  (cf. module catalogue) with either 5 ECTS or 10 ECTS. Thereby, the conformity with the content of the courses of our chair is not necessary. 

Special remarks for the accreditation of transfer credits for graduate students: 

The level of the modules taken abroad have to correspond to the level of graduate courses. Courses at the level of undergratuate modules cannot be transfered and accepted for the course of study within University of Paderborn.

Further information:

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